Hot Flow

This class will be a standard flow tailored to the group in the styles of Baptiste, Forrest inspired, hot power fusion, or slow flow. Baptiste flow is heavy in Chadarangas; however, modifications can be made for beginners as well. Instructor gives personal attention and customization for beginners and modification for advanced practice.

Hot Hatha

This is a 60 or 90 minute Hatha class starting with Pranayama Deep Breathing. We will hold each posture for up to 60 seconds working on alignment, strength, and flexibility. Our 90 minute Hatha is similar to Bikram and will fulfill a Bikram junkies need for 26X2.

Active Strengthening

Active Strengthening focuses on subtle movements through isometric, static active, and dynamic movements. Body focus is from your shoulder to mid thighs. We focus on all of the muscles that support our big muscles in larger range of motion. This is a great class to get you ready for ski season, hiking, biking and paddling!

Yoga with Weights

Yoga with weights consists of about 25% yoga and 75% cardio, strength training, and grit. Focused more on the intermediate yogi or the student looking for a high intensity interval training class. Come ready to sweat.